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1017JR Amsterdam

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Beauty services

Artelier Academy 

Become an Artist!
(Dutch only)

We're happy to share our expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world. That's why the Artelier Academy offers several courses on a regular basis, that are accessible to literally EVERYONE that wants to get skilled in the nail world!

Get pampered!

We offer manicures (we specialize in BIAB and nail-art), pedicures, brow treatments and permanent make-up. All of this, while you feel inspired as if you're in an art gallery, welcomed as in a high end restaurant, and relaxed as you are enjoying some time away from your daily life filled with pressure. 

Mani & pedi


A nice nude, a bright flashy color, a glitter polish or crazy nail art. Everything is possible with a nice gel manicure.

The levels of nail-art are described below. 

We only polish with high quality, vegan & cruelty polishes of The Gelbottle.

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Applied as builder gel underneath gel polish, or...

On its own on the natural nail bed to enhance the natural nail's ability to grow and increase strength.

All the benefits, without the heavy damage and chemical odors of acrylics or solar nails. 

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Get pampered in our little pedicure spa corner.

Pick a simple gel polish pedi...Or a "TREAT YOURSELF" add on. 

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Nail-art: explained

With the artistic background of the owners of Artelier Amsterdam, we obviously specialize our manicures in nail art! From a cute minimal design, to the craziest masterpieces. We offer the nail art in 3 different levels that are described here.


Beautiful BIAB base with a super cool personalized minimal design.

Think: dots, hearts or a uni-color French manicure.


Beautiful BIAB base with a cool personalized medium level design. Think: flames, stars or a colorful animal/floral print.


A beautiful BIAB base, with a next level design. Make all your nail dreams come true in the most extravagant way imaginable.

Think: texts, super colorful prints, storytelling, or a cool pop art design.

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Brows & PMU


Brow shaping, waxing & tinting

Brow lamination. 

Personal advice from true brow experts.

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Personal advice from true brow experts.

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Personal advice from true brow experts.

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Personal advice from true brow experts.

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About us

Welcome to Artelier Amsterdam

We are Bobby van Velsen (24) & Annelotte van Thull (26), two young women living in Amsterdam, and both coming from a background in art and hospitality. Another thing we share, is our endless passion for beauty, and everything pretty. A while ago we started to express our creativity in creating beautiful and high-quality nail designs. Doing nails together, created the urge to do MORE! And subsequently came the idea of starting an all-round beauty concept in the middle of Amsterdam.With helping our clients, we always want to put the comfort of the client first, and make sure we treat them as guests of a Michelin star restaurant. From the moment we started to work together and combine forces, we became instoppable in dreaming big and making these dreams become reality. 

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